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After celebrating her daughter's sixth birthday, Ana receives an unwelcome visit from Walter, a strange man who asks for Ricardo, Ana's husband, with whom he has unfinished business.

Psychological thriller
Spain (Madrid)
Existing Equity Raised
Already funded
Target Round: 75.000€
100% of the goal
Target round
Financial Instrument
Participatory Loan
Minimum Investment
Exit Position
2nd Position
Returns timeframe
Starting 2024
Estimated Profitability
15% fixed interest
+ profit share*


Top selling talent:
Juana Acosta
Julián Román
Award winning team:
Juana Acosta was recently awarded at FICCI
Award winning team:
Israel Elejalde Goya Awards best new Actor (2014)

The Film

La Fianza
Production Company:Bag Dog Productions
Production Stage:Completed
Estimated Release:Q3 2024
Country of origin:Spain
Total production budget:1.200.000 €
Estimated revenue in all distribution windows:1.700.000 - 2.300.000 €

The Cast

Juana Acosta photo photo
Juana AcostaLogo imdb
  • Perfect Strangers - 2017 (Director Alex de la Iglesia)
  • "Carlos" - 2010 (17 wins & 46 nominations awards for miniseries)
Julián Román photo photo
Julián RománLogo imdb
  • Corazones Blindados - 2013 (TV series awarded as Best Antagonistic Actor)
  • El Comandante - 2017 (TV series about the Hugo Chavez life)
Israel Elejalde photo photo
Israel ElejaldeLogo imdb
  • Magical Girl - 2014 (Goya Awards best new Actor)
  • Parallel Mothers - 2021 (Director Pedro Almodovar)

The Team

Gonzalo Perdomo photo photo
Gonzalo Perdomo
Logo imdb
Born in Girardot, Colombia, studied Film and Philosophy in Paris. He has been living in Madrid since 2003, his work as a filmmaker and editor for a broadcast companies. He has previously written and directed the short films La Oscuridad, El revés (2011) and The borrowed love (2016). La Fianza is his debut feature.
Luis Astorquia photo photo
Luis AstorquiaLogo imdb
Executive Producer
Mathieu Bettinger photo photo
Mathieu BettingerLogo imdb
César Pérez photo photo
César PérezLogo imdb
Director of Photography

Success Indicators

  • Psychological thriller with great demand in the global entertainment market.
  • Top cast with a large community of followers in Spain & LATAM, mainly: Spain, Mexico and Colombia.
  • Female main character, an empowered woman, in line with current industry trends and market demand within entertainment.
  • Companies such as Netflix, Amazon, Movistar+, Warner and HBO have shown interest in the film.



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