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FLUXX is a mind-bending thriller, about a Hollywood actress who is intent on finding her famous missing husband, despite the fact that she cannot willingly leave her Malibu home.

USA, Hawaii, Los Angeles
60 days remaining
Target Round: 50.000€
75% of the goal
Target round
Financial Instrument
Participatory Loan
Minimum Investment
2nd ROI waterfall
Equity Finance
Returns timeframe
1 year from release
Estimated Profitability
15% fixed interest
+ profit share*
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Top selling talent:
Shelley Hennig
Tyrese Gibson
Award winning team:
Brendan Murphy
Distribution Agreements:
Top sales company
Vantage Media Int.

The Film

Production Company:Altered State Entertainment
Production Stage:Post-production
Estimated Release:2024
Country of origin:United States
Total production budget:2.050.000€
Estimated revenue in all distribution windows:3.200.000€

The Cast

Shelley Hennig photo photo
Shelley HennigLogo imdb
  • Obliterated (Netflix nº1 Show in December 2023)
  • Teen Wolf: The Movie (Paramount CBS)
Shiloh Fernandez photo photo
Shiloh FernandezLogo imdb
  • Evil Dead (Sony)
  • Euphoria (HBO)
Tyrese Gibson photo photo
Tyrese GibsonLogo imdb
  • Fast and Furious Saga (Universal)
  • Transformers (Dreamworks)
Charlotte McKinney photo photo
Charlotte McKinneyLogo imdb
  • Baywatch (Paramount)
  • MacGyver (CBS)
Henry Ian Cusick photo photo
Henry Ian CusickLogo imdb
  • Lost (ABC)
  • Scandal (ABC)

The Team

Brendan Gabriel Murphy photo photo
Brendan Gabriel Murphy
Logo imdb
Brendan G. Murphy is a multi-award winning filmmaker and co-founding member of Altered State Entertainment. He's been profiled in Rolling Stone Magazine, The Hollywood Interview, Mob Candy Magazine, Behind the Hype, H-Magazine & The Top 100 Indie Filmmakers In The World for his achievements as a Director.
Tanner Beard photo photo
Tanner BeardLogo imdb
Lance Paul photo photo
Lance PaulLogo imdb
Dan Sheldon photo photo
Dan SheldonLogo imdb

Success Indicators

  • Top sales company VMI (Vantage Media International) has signed on for global distribution representing FLUXX across international and domestic.This includes theatrical, VOD streaming and full global distribution.
  • Top Chinese distribution company, Beijing Shinshot Medium will handle China sales.
  • Companies such as Netflix, Amazon and Lionsgate have shown interest in the film.
  • Veteran Film Executive Scott Kennedy (formerly of Miramax, Global Road, Forrest Films) has written to us an LOI to assist with all sales on the Theatrical & VOD Domestic Distribution side.
  • Promotional PR releases on Hollywood Reporter, Variety & Deadline.
  • Working alongside a reputable PR Firm such as 42 West, Shore Fire Media or Sunshine Sachs.
  • Festival run with a World Premiere at a top-tier Festival.

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